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Micro is a new cloud platform that focuses on developer experience. Consume public APIs as simpler programmable building blocks for lightning fast development of products and services.

Public APIs for everyday use




Lookup UK addresses by postcode. Simply provide a valid postcode and get a full list of addresses.



Ask a question and get an instant answer.




The cache service provides simple get/set/delete key-value storage. Values can be stored with an optional time-to-live (TTL) to automatically expire entries. The max value size is 1MB.



Get up to the second cryptocurrency prices, quotes, previous close information, and news.




Real time currency conversion and exchange rates. Rate updates occur every 5 minutes.




The DB service is a straightforward key-value and document database which provides persistent storage via a Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) API. It includes feature rich querying and JSON based formatted records for native use in Node.js and or any language. Powering the backend of your apps from anywhere in the world.

Developer friendly UX


Use one Micro account to fulfill all your API needs. Access multiple APIs with a single token and Micro account.


Using a new API is simple - no need to learn yet another documentation, it's all the same Micro UX.


It's a simple pay as you go model and everything is priced per request. Top up your account and start making calls.

No Hidden Fees

Don't get lost in a sea of infinite cloud billing. We show you exactly what you use and don't hide any of the costs.

Tired of AWS? Us too

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Cloud complexity is at full throttle. What started as a promising way for developers to rapidly build scalable web services has turned into the anti pattern for the next generation. We need a faster, simpler and more affordable way to leverage services in the Cloud.

Micro (aka M3O) was built with this in mind. To help developers 10x without dealing with the likes of AWS. If you're interested to learn more, register and try it out now.

About Us

In 2013 a few of us met at a ride hailing startup in London called Hailo. Back then we were competing against Uber and pushed hard to scale our technology to compete. It's there we cut our teeth on AWS and the cloud complexity we all had to endure just to ship a mobile app.

In 2015, Micro started life as a distributed systems development framework and became a popular open source project that still lives on today. That however only solved one half of the problem. It's not just the development of cloud services that's difficult, it's also how you consume them.

M3O is a new API platform. One that focuses entirely on the developer experience. We do away with endless marketing spiel, thousands of services and a sea of docs. Our hope, by just giving you some useful APIs and examples, you'll be able to move 10x faster than before.

👉 If you believe in what we're doing, please sign up, kick the tyres and send us some feedback.

Cheers, Micro Team

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